the Couteau thiers house

There is a great variety of knives and each one has a specific function. It is for many tasks that we usually use a couteau, especially when a job requires some type of cut, either to remove fruit and vegetable husks, to debone poultry and other animals, chop or cut into pieces, in short; there are many things we do with a couteau. The use of a couteau gives us a great facility to do these types of tasks without mistreating us and avoids the excessive use of effort of the hands.

knife thiers (couteau thiers) is known as the cutlery capital in France for 6 centuries. This is why large French companies such as Aucouteau, which is responsible for offering French high-end knives, offers the new Couteau thiers Liner Lock System Couteau, the only couteau that contains a locking system that allows the blade to be closed and kept in an ultra-safe way. This couteau liner lock has a handle made of olive wood and the blade has the curved appearance that characterizes it.
To obtain this couteau you only have to visit the Aucouteau website, just by going to the link you can check availability, price estimated delivery time and all other couteau specifications that are of your interest. You can start working immediately knowing the advantage of a real French couteau.
The wide variety of knives offered by Aucouteau covers different purposes. In you can buy a good hunting couteau, or gardening, not only the classic and contemporary used by the chef and for kitchen work.
You can also feel very confident to carry a pocket couteau like Opinel; this couteau model also known as a razor, created 125 years ago by Joseph Opinel and that today has managed to preserve its simplicity and originality through the years.